Facebook Maintains to Likes Moob and Moobies (male breasts) But Not The Boobies

Does Facebook Really Love Moobies?
Moobies - Facebook has ridiculous censorship policies. As most of you likely understand, women's breasts are outlawed from Facebook's whole social media platform. Having said that, male breasts - "Moobies" - are totally okay and uncensored. Not only is this hypocritical, but the whole guidelines for censorship are outrageous.
Moreover, Facebook is creating a higher level of restriction for artwork. Did you know that Facebook doesn't consider photography as a valid art form? This is what gives them the right to take down any images. Artistic or pornographic, for Facebook they're no different. We learned this shortly after the New Yorker's "Nipplegate" episode when they were forced to explain their censorship policy.
Moobies or Male Breasts Are Still An Issue For Facebook!
The nudity prohibition is generating lots of critique among users also. Now that Facebook has described that nude cartoons are completely acceptable it is possible to feel free to post them. But can you actually? Who knows since Facebook removes pretty much something that gets reported. Thus their censorship policies are not in line with their own guidelines.
If this is not a backwards and nuts rule, then I don't have any idea what's. I can not help but wonder, what is next? Will Facebook ban fkk films with nudity?
For now at least, moobies (male breasts) are fair game. I place the Moobies to the evaluation when I created and posted the above moobie graphic as my profile picture. Up to now I am still good with Facebook. Oddly enough, after I posted on Google Plus, my profile got deleted. So maybe Google is a little more consistent. I suppose there's a silver lining here - Google finds all nipples bad so at least they don't discriminate!
Where could we go from here? What will be the next type of portugal nudist ? Possibly women's feet and arms will be prohibited from the walls and news feeds of Facebook? Maybe Facebook will only let images of erotic nude beach video in burkas? Or maybe no women with burkas?
It remains to be seen whether the censorship rules will get overturned or remain precisely the same. Only time will tell how Facebook will positively or negatively grow their website. Maybe it's just me, but I just can't wrap my head around this dilemma. What is so terrifying about nudity that it must be torn down from someone's wall ASAP? What could potentially occur?
Really folks! I want your help here!
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Update on the Status of NY's Former Nude Beach - Lighthouse Beach

It's the 2nd summer that naturists are prohibited from Lighthouse Beach on Fire Island, NY. Not long after superstorm Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the National Park Service determined to immediately stop unclothed use of Lighthouse Beach.
The NY Post only did a report on the beach, and it's great to see more coverage of the scenario. We believe the article is encouraging enough, and the naturist community seemed to respond positively. (Even if it does sensationalize the nudity somewhat in its accompanying photos.) The content goes over some of the reasons given for the prohibition, one of the most important being a rise in lewd, lascivious and voyeuristic behavior, together with an increase in suspected prostitution, drug use and assaults.
Bob Morton, executive director of the Naturist Action Committee (NAC), says it's all hearsay. There is no evidence to prove these claims of the Fire Island National Park Service (NPS). As far as we're able to tell, Lighthouse sand goers were perplexed by the "reports" of illegal behaviour. Most would describe Lighthouse as a lovely, peaceful family-friendly strand. Essentially, it resembles NPS made it up.
Nudity is now prohibited at Lighthouse Beach with a "Garments Required" sign.
Lighthouse has been a popular nudist beach for decades. The Post reports that naturists could be found on the shore beginning in the late 1800's, though it actually took off beginning in the 1960's. I 've buddies that were raised as nudists with their families on that sand. Thousands upon thousands of people visited every summer to enjoy the sun, sand and water in the clothing-optional section.
Yet, it's important for folks to know about the legal aspects of the beach. Nudity is officially prohibited by NY state law, but this sand is located on federal land. So NPS could choose to not apply the state law, and http://nudists-video.net/pins/pins-young-nudist-boys-on-beach.php is what they did for quite a while. But naturists basically understood they could turn around and decide to begin enforcing it at any time, which's exactly what occurred in February 2013. Over the years, many naturists consistently strived to inform others about proper playa etiquette and behavior so as to keep the plage safe and open. The Long Island Travasuns and Save Lighthouse Beach are two groups that worked hard to establish a relationship with NPS and help authorities the strand.
Sooo what is the actual reason Lighthouse Beach in Long Island was shut to bare use?
In the spring issue of N magazine (official publication of The Naturist Society), Bob Morton supplied an update on their meetings with NPS and a summary in their arguments against the prohibition. Among the first key people he talks about in this article is Lena Koschmann. Less than the usual year before NPS made their big statement, Koschmann had become the new Chief Ranger. She was actually new to Fire Island, also, having just been transferred from North Carolina. Morton writes, "She had arrived at FIIS with an approach that, by all accounts, was rigidly opposed to nudity on public land."

Hence many in the naturist community attribute Koschmann for this fiasco. Though Morton points out that she had not been just responsible because it had to come down from the superintendent. (Side note: Koschmann has since been promoted to a brand new place and no longer works at Fire Island NPS.)
What's http://troyxxx.com/tube/beach/beach-erotic-videos.php ? Are we ever going to reunite our Long Island bare beach?
The Naturist Action Committee is working behind the scenes to try and reestablish the clothes-optional status of Lighthouse Beach. It may be slow going, but it's not a lost cause.
In the N magazine article, Morton gives a full explanation in their chief argument against NPS' actions, in terms of the Administrative Procedural Act (APA). The APA is a national law requiring that agencies promulgate their rules after at least 30 days notice to the public and chance to comment by the public.
In February 2013, NPS put out a letter announcing their policy change on nudity, which promptly went into effect. There was no 30 days' notice or chance given to the general public to comment, as required by the APA. This would've been okay if it were an emergency. But how can it be an emergency to stop nude use of a strand at the center of winter?
They go into much more detail in the content, but NAC seems to have a strong claim against NPS for breaking the APA and quite great legal precedent supporting its arguments, as they state. If NPS is found to have violated the APA, there is a great opportunity their nudity ban would be left invalid. You can read an outline of NAC's arguments on their preceding Lighthouse Beach action alert page (see righthand column in yellow).
In conclusion, depending on what we have read and heard, we believe there is still hope for reclaiming this plage!
So what can I do around about the close of Long Island's Lighthouse Beach?
Donate to NAC! Your contribution will help cover legal fees and other costs in this ongoing fight to save the plage.
Any other bare beaches in Long Island or around the Fire Island Lighthouse Beach place?
There are modest alternative areas on Fire Island generally known as Cherry Grove and The Pines. These are well-known gay communities, and Cherry Grove really falls outside of the FIIS jurisdiction. Unclothed sunbathing is still tradition in these regions, which there have been no dilemmas with park rangers or police over nudity. The catch is these beaches usually are not simple to get to. You have to park and take the Sayville Ferry, which will be a little expensive. Normally there are only little groups of naturists with textile sections right next to them. (Due to parking and transport constraints and the size of the playa, these sections are not a good alternative to Lighthouse.)
And then needless to say there's Gunnison Beach in NJ, a popular nude beach accessible by ferry from NYC.
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